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December 2007

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girlguidejones in spn_50states

Almost Heaven (Sam/Dean, NC-17)

Title:  Almost Heaven   (2 of 2; complete)

Author:  [info]girlguidejones

Pairing | Rating :  Sam/Dean | NC 17 | 13,400 words; 6800 this part

Warnings:  slight D/s | piss | Contains several pictures which, while completely work-safe, are not dial-up friendly.

Disclaimer:  No profit being made, no copyright infringement intended.  All characters property of Kripke, et al. 

Summary:  Dean has a year.  Every other month, Sam helps him live it. 

Notes:  Written for [info]spn_50states  challenge, West Virginia.  Beta'd by the incomparable [info]ellipsisblack .  She signed on for 7000 words.  I sent her 15,000, and we are still speaking.  Any remaining errors or excesses are only because she couldn’t talk me down.  Additional author’s notes follow at the end of the story.




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I dunno exactly what to say. My heart feels a little heavier after having read; we all know there was a season four, so it's not as if we're coming down to an *end*, but...this relationship you've crafted for the boys is downright beautiful. It's painful--they're still trying to figure out the da*mned script and they only have eight months left (that the last full month is a Dean month isn't leaving me; I'd be frantic if I were in Sam's shoes)--but I love how Dean pleaded with Sam to just be Sammy.

*shivers* Really well done. Thank you.
Thank you so much for your wonderfully generous feedback! I really wanted this story to be about SamandDean, regardless of the Sam/Dean-ness. Dean needing Sam to be Sammy was so key to that, and it thrills me to see you call that out.

Again, thank you! Your feedback made my day.

Wow, this story is great. I'm no expert, having only read a dozen or so, stories. But I loved it It's the first one I've read that was such a great balance, between a great episode and a great love. Both parts were so RIGHT.
I got completely carried away in the current of it
(sorry I make puns when I'm happy !!)

Anyway, thanks and MORE please :)

Puns=Made of Win! \o/

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments! It's kind of odd to read this now, especially the ending part where Sam is *SO* certain that Dean won't become a monster and I've been totally Kripke'd. *L* But it still feels right, because of COURSE that's what Sam would believe, so it still rings true. It was interesting to see that people still enjoy it, even given the very AU-ness it now holds.


I'm so glad you commented!
This fic is splendid! I love them dealing with Dean's deal, and Sam grudgingly agreeing to take every other month off and spend it with him. It's charming, and it fits them. And the relationship between them! Guh. So hot. So sexy and complicated and gorgeous. I loved them in the river. Unf. Even just that image of Dean, fighting the river for the whole raft! Amazing.

Gorgeous WV tribute!
You've made my day! This fic is (IMO) my crowning achievement, so I'm thrilled to get some feedback on it. When people get into those "fics you are most proud of" discussions I always list this one. And your feedback is very thoughtful and generous, thank you so much for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed it.
Love this fic. The sex was incredibly hot and kinda kinky :p and you used actual info about the area.

I haven't been whitewater rafting but I've jetboated twice in class 1 to 4 rapids and went past class 5 rapids.
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