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on the road

December 2007

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girlguidejones in spn_50states

Almost Heaven (Sam/Dean, NC-17)

Title:  Almost Heaven   (2 of 2; complete)

Author:  [info]girlguidejones

Pairing | Rating :  Sam/Dean | NC 17 | 13,400 words; 6800 this part

Warnings:  slight D/s | piss | Contains several pictures which, while completely work-safe, are not dial-up friendly.

Disclaimer:  No profit being made, no copyright infringement intended.  All characters property of Kripke, et al. 

Summary:  Dean has a year.  Every other month, Sam helps him live it. 

Notes:  Written for [info]spn_50states  challenge, West Virginia.  Beta'd by the incomparable [info]ellipsisblack .  She signed on for 7000 words.  I sent her 15,000, and we are still speaking.  Any remaining errors or excesses are only because she couldn’t talk me down.  Additional author’s notes follow at the end of the story.




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How is it possible that I missed this? Did you post a link at your LJ, cause I don't remember seeing it there -- it's pure luck that I stumbled across it now . . .

I've been sick in bed with the flu for three days now and have been yearning for a good long fic to read; am printing this out and getting back into bed with it :D
See. THIS is why I love everything you write and wish you'd do it more often. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's just something about the way you write them that puts me in their reality so clearly.

“You thought, because we thought. We didn’t mean to...we- we just...” Sam stuttered, consciousness wheeling between the embarrassed dejection on Rick’s face and feel of Dean’s hand on the small of his back, his knuckles pressing against the knotted scar.

THAT. Right there, for some inexplicable reason, felt so visceral to me. Tactile. I love your dialogue, too, both between Sam and Dean, and between them and others. It's so very them, and right.

Not to mention the whole story of Sam&Dean here -- so much love for whowhathow they are here. Somehow achingly innocent and sweetly dirty, all at the same time. There's the foreboding sense of the inevitable, yet it's still hopeful, both gritty and pure because they just love each other, so so much. *happy sigh* Loved this, so very very much, doll. Just beautiful :D
I can't tell you how much I loved this story. I printed it out to take on vacation and read, so it took me a while to get to it, and now it is just stuck in my head.

This whole paragraph, but especially this line "But Dean was his Jonah, and when he was gone, Sam didn’t want to be sharing any leftover part of him with someone else. " totally made the story come to life for me. This is exactly my favorite type of fic. It takes my breath away and makes my heart pound.

Do you have a link with a list of all your fics?
Oh, thank you so much. I know from experience that it's easy to give a pass to feedback on a fic if you don't read it right away. It's awesome of you to make sure you came back and left a note for me.

I don't have my fic linked to my journal, but here is my list...I hope you'll enjoy!

“Girls Bleed”
Faith/Dean. My first SPN fic, and actually written before I’d ever watched a single moment of the show. I’d gotten sucked into the fandom already by the amazing fic. PG-13ish.

“God or Whatever”
My first Sam/Dean. Takes place during “Faith”. I still consider it my best, which you won’t hear a lot of people say about their first stories. Sam POV. NC 17

“State of the Union”
Just a little day-in-the-life snippet. Sam POV. G

“Maytag Eclipse”
A little Sam-Dean laundry crisis. Dean POV. PG

Sam & Dean and a greenthumb. Dean POV. R.

“Loyal Constituency”
Dean is politically active. Who knew? Sam POV. NC 17

“Not Like That”
First-time wee!cest. Dean POV. NC 17

“The Princess and the Pea”
Might want to read the story in the Author’s Notes first. Dean gets hurt. There are consequences. Sam POV. NC 17

“Four times Bobby didn’t say anything...”
You can’t con a con man. Bobby POV. Non-explicit wincest. R
I've been meaning to read this for the longest time, I finally got time to, and I'm so glad!!! This was truly awesome. I loved their characterisations and interations. It was so beautiful, and throughout the whole fic the reminders of the deal kept it bittersweet.

*happy sigh*
Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :)
This was awesome. I don't swim well, so river rafting isn't something I'm going to do, but you made me feel like I'd gone down the river with the guys. Great details. Love the way you write them, in love, but still *men* and hunters. Messy, smelly men. Liked the case. Was sorry they had to destroy the paddle, cause now Rick's going to think they're assholes. Wish they could have explained it to him. But he wouldn't have believed it and then he'd have thought they were crazy assholes.

Was almost afraid Dean was going to fuck Rick and I was a little pissed at Sam for allowing it. “If I want a blowjob at the rest stop, sure." Sam huffed a little snort in reply, but didn't interrupt him. "But the big stuff like this? Sam. C’mon. I need you to be Sam. Bitchface Sam. Google-fu Sam. Knife-slut Sam. Sammy who won’t share me, whoever. Just be you. I don’t want to waste what’s left of my year with a stranger.” Dean stopped, his voice trailing off to a whisper. He looked up at Sam, eyes shimmering jade, pleading. “Just...just be Sammy for me. Okay? Can you do that for me?” Perfect.

The glow sticks were fun! LOL! “Have the aliens come to suck my cock?” So Dean. Really enjoyed this.
Originally Dean was *supposed* to get it on with Rick, but the story just didn't want to go there once I got to that point. I like the way it turned out, though, so I'm glad you do too.

Thanks for the kind words! :)
Aw, great story!
Thank you so much. :)
Wow. I am completely blown away. What a beautifully written story! So rich and vivid with detail and texture. The characterization and dialogue was crisp and real and natural. I got totally sucked in and swept away by it.

The sex scene in the sleeping bag with the glow stick was hot, but also - so unique and original.

Absolutely everything in this story worked for me.
What lovely feedback; thank you! I am monumentally unimpressive in person, unless you have a think for truly dorky laughs. Hee. See you there!
PS. I just friended your journal so I can read more of your work. After reading this, I really look forward to meeting you at WinCon.
This is just a wonderful story. I love the 'where' of it, the river and the trees, the bridge and the campfire, smoky mornings and cool evenings and Sam and Dean and under it all that sense of aching loss, something bad coming soon so grab hold of life and *live*, now, while you can.

It hurts to read, and it's wonderful. Wonderful to see Dean happy, and for them both to just be together. Loved it.

The bridge is gorgeous.

I read this before and can't believe i didn't comment. It was rec'd in the 'blast from the past' edition of today's crack_impala.
Your comment makes me squee! The "live every moment" sense that you mention was a key element I was trying to get across; it's great to see it was communicated!

Thanks for your wonderful feedback. :)
What wonderful feedback! I really wanted the intimacy (and not *just* the sexual kind, but the "I-live-inside-your-head-with-you" kind) to come through, so your comments really make me happy. Thank you so much!
that was epically perfect <3 :)

and that scene with the glowstick?! guhhhhhhh, it broke me apart in all kinds of good ways.
Thank you so much! It was definitely awesome to get a comment on an old story. I really appreciate you leaving a kind word! :)
I dunno exactly what to say. My heart feels a little heavier after having read; we all know there was a season four, so it's not as if we're coming down to an *end*, but...this relationship you've crafted for the boys is downright beautiful. It's painful--they're still trying to figure out the da*mned script and they only have eight months left (that the last full month is a Dean month isn't leaving me; I'd be frantic if I were in Sam's shoes)--but I love how Dean pleaded with Sam to just be Sammy.

*shivers* Really well done. Thank you.
Thank you so much for your wonderfully generous feedback! I really wanted this story to be about SamandDean, regardless of the Sam/Dean-ness. Dean needing Sam to be Sammy was so key to that, and it thrills me to see you call that out.

Again, thank you! Your feedback made my day.

Wow, this story is great. I'm no expert, having only read a dozen or so, stories. But I loved it It's the first one I've read that was such a great balance, between a great episode and a great love. Both parts were so RIGHT.
I got completely carried away in the current of it
(sorry I make puns when I'm happy !!)

Anyway, thanks and MORE please :)

Puns=Made of Win! \o/

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments! It's kind of odd to read this now, especially the ending part where Sam is *SO* certain that Dean won't become a monster and I've been totally Kripke'd. *L* But it still feels right, because of COURSE that's what Sam would believe, so it still rings true. It was interesting to see that people still enjoy it, even given the very AU-ness it now holds.


I'm so glad you commented!
This fic is splendid! I love them dealing with Dean's deal, and Sam grudgingly agreeing to take every other month off and spend it with him. It's charming, and it fits them. And the relationship between them! Guh. So hot. So sexy and complicated and gorgeous. I loved them in the river. Unf. Even just that image of Dean, fighting the river for the whole raft! Amazing.

Gorgeous WV tribute!
You've made my day! This fic is (IMO) my crowning achievement, so I'm thrilled to get some feedback on it. When people get into those "fics you are most proud of" discussions I always list this one. And your feedback is very thoughtful and generous, thank you so much for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed it.
Love this fic. The sex was incredibly hot and kinda kinky :p and you used actual info about the area.

I haven't been whitewater rafting but I've jetboated twice in class 1 to 4 rapids and went past class 5 rapids.
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