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Supernatural's 50 States Ficathon

truck stops and greasy spoons

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Welcome (back)!

This is spn_50states, Supernatural's 50 states fic challenge. Our second year in business! We're paying homage to the heart of Supernatural – the urban legends and the open road.

Claim a state in the United States and write a SPN fic about it. Think of your setting - the urban legends or the history specific to that state, the atmosphere or feelings that the state conjures up. What makes that state unique?

If artists want a challenge, they can also claim a state and do graphics/art for that state. The art does NOT have to be related to that state's fic.

To see last year's submissions, take a look at the community's memories.


1. Make your submission gen, slash, whatever you like. Please use the appropriate headers and disclaimers/warnings – also include your state in the header. Example of a header:
Pairing, if any:

2. The stories are due on August 1, 2007. Yes, you get almost the entire summer! You may also post your submission anytime before the deadline. Please do not claim a state unless you can meet this deadline.

3. The story must be at least 1,000 words. Art cannot be icons.

4. Once you're done with your submission, post a link to it or post the entire piece in this community. If you're posting your entire fic (or your artwork) in this community, use a cut tag.

5. If you post your submission in your own LJ or your own website, please link back to this community!


Sign up for an available state by commenting on the sign-up post.

Have fun!

Community banner is the work of the lovely northernsky_.

For our Canada fans, go check out our brother sister challenge community, spn_north.